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FastStepTM is a lightweight Agile transformation lifecycle management and delivery framework, program & tool-set created and developed by transformation specialist James kingham. FastStepTM helps organisations build their capability to successfully Lead, Manage, Support & Deliver business critical change and transformation holistically across the enterprise. FastStepTM’s pragmatic versatile approach is quickly gaining adoption across industries as diverse as health, medical, pharmaceutical, broadcast, media, technology, finance and manufacturing. FastStepTM has been designed and optimised to increase capability, performance and results across a number of common transformation scenarios including the following.

Change & Transformation

FastStepTM provides organisations with a completely customisable enterprise framework model for building their capability to successfully lead, manage, support and deliver complex business wide change and transformation, portfolios, projects and initiatives.


FastStepTM Digital helps businesses to develop the capability to leverage emerging technologies more effectively within their organisations. FastStepTM provides the robust transformation lifecycle management platform needed to accelerate progress, minimise risk and negate the complex challenges associated with technology selection, solution design, implementation, integration and migration.

Improvement & Optimisation

A number of the FastStepTM framework elements have been specifically designed to focus on delivering continuous business improvement. Combining FastStepTM with Lean and Agile practices provides a powerful methodologly for identifying and reducing inefficiencies optimising processes whilst delivering increased performance, more effective business outcomes and measurable results.

Agile Implementation

Agile capability is often a top business priority for businesses but successful delivery often remains elusive. The FastStepTM Agile framework uses a pragmatic approach that removes many of the common challenges associated with Agile transformation helping organisations to define develop, manage and implement Agile practices across their organisations in safe, controlled environments.

Project Acceleration

FastStartTM is a pre-defined model based upon the core FastStepTM framework that's focused on quickly starting, building momentum and gaining traction. This framework is ideal for new startups, accelerating project delivery and developing new products and services whilst reducing costs, uncertainty, and risk.

Project Delivery

FastRailsTM is a simple but highly effective visualisation model for managing and delivering business projects more efficiently and effectively. FastRailsTM maximises resource utilisation, significantly reduces timelines, complexity and the specific risks associated with transformation project implementation and delivery. FastRailsTM is not a replacement project management method. Consider it a fast track plugin for acceleration and delivery assurance.

Simplify & Deliver with FastStepTM

The FastStepTM framework comprises of Four distinct elements.

1. FastStepTM Dimensions

2. The FastStepTM Lifecycle Process

3. The FastStepTM i360 Engine

4. The FastStepTM 3D Capability Toolset

An overview of each is provided below for reference.


FastStepTM Dimensions

The six FastStepTM core dimensions (Leadership, Digital, Change, Services, Deliver & support) are the core components of the FastStepTM transformational model. This model is used with the 3D capability model (Detailed Below) to identify & build the required transformation capability across the four impact areas (Customer universe Business Models, Operational Processes and execution ability.)


The FastStepTM Lifecycle

The Process lifecycle is at the core of the framework and provides the underlying engagement, management and capability delivery process. Each phase has been designed to be modular whilst providing holistic visibility across the enterprise.


FastStepTM 3D Capability Toolset

The FastStepTM 3D toolset is at the heart of the FastStepTM transformation process and is used to Define, Develop and Deliver transformation capability across the dimensions model and key areas of impact.


FastStepTM I360 Engine

FastStepTM i360 is the model view for holistic transformation management across the enterprise. I360 is used to managing all areas of transformational progress, implementation, delivery and assurance.

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